Climate Change

Goal 13: Climate Action – a Stable Climate for a Healthy Planet

Even before “Fridays for Future” started and moved thousands across the globe to stand up and demand politicians to take action against climate change, researchers proclaimed that the worldwide ecosystem is in great danger. This man-made change will severely influence our daily lives, and it poses a huge threat to human life as we know it.

But what exactly are the effects of climate change?

According to the researchers, humanity has to face:

  • Rising temperatures (1)
  • More droughts and heat waves (2)
  • Rising sea levels due to melting ice sheets and glaciers (3)
  • Loss of landmass and livelihoods (4)
  • Negative impacts on food and freshwater security (4)
  • Negative impacts on local ecosystems (4)
  • Air pollution (5)

Since these effects affect everyone globally, climate change, of course, has its SDG within the United Nations ‘2030 Agenda’.

SDG 13: Climate Change (6)

Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters in all countries”.

On a global scale, the implementation of SDG 13 is condensed into the non-binding Paris Agreement (7), which succeeded the Kyoto Protocol, a first attempt to politically coordinate the fight against climate change and set precise goals.

The Paris Agreement entered into force November 2016 and aims to keep global warming at least below 2 °C, preferably below 1.5 °C, because this marks a tipping point (7) after which global warming becomes self-energising and irreversible.

But how can we, on an individual level, support and contribute to the efforts to stop climate change?

You can start by reflecting on yourself and your way of life by calculating your carbon footprint (8). This should provide you with interesting findings on your daily diet, your household and your daily routine.

Use this information to be more conscious about your consumption and adapt your habits. Begin with small steps: Include a weekly veggie-day in your diet, use public transportation or your bicycle to commute, buy and consume local and seasonal products…and go from there. But whatever you decide to do and how you want to contribute: every single step matters and helps to fight climate change.

For more inspirations on how to change your lifestyle, please read: How to Be More Eco-Friendly in Everyday Life.

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