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Sustainability and Digital Tourism During COVID-19 part 1

AKA a Collaborative Project of a Handful of Alumni From Africa and Europe


It seems that nearly all of humanity in this new decade works, shops, studies, exercises, attends conferences and visits religious gatherings without stepping out of their homes. Just a few mentions on how our entire world slipped on Covid – as if on a sneaky banana skin – by the end of 2019, and fell upside down on its back in the new year of 2020. More than ever before, we are heavily dependent on digital solutions, which became the only escape from lockups.


Heavy limits were instantly placed on every aspect of our lives, especially on our travel plans. As the cut on freedom of movement locks most of us into our accommodations, the chances of experiencing some sort of variety or diversity in our daily lives are knitted together with digital options.


So, why not use currently widely available simple technology for taking each other outdoors?


As of 6 April 2020, 96% of all world destinations have travel restrictions”, says the UNWTO global review on Covid and Tourism (1).


In the same month of this review, two AIESEC Alumni from Benin, and another two from AIESEC Alumni Europe produced a plan to help ease the pain of many: the inability to visit novel places.


#HopInOnline to visit #VirtualSights with #2MorrowDigitalTrips.


Our campaign calls for alumni to showcase their neighborhoods from all over the world. Not necessarily typical tourist attractions, they invite everyone to locations and scenes—well-cherished and currently deeply missed—from their daily lives.




Our first episodes were delivered by those who initiated this project:


  1. Walking on a Sightseeing Tour With Stephi (insta: @conscious_travelista) from Germany
  2. Taking a Boat Ride With Ouakhilat (insta: @ouakhila) from Benin
  3.  Walking a Trail in the Woods With Kriszti (insta: @krisztina.kapuvari) from the UK
  4. Visiting the Historic City of Ouidah With Bernis (insta: @bhernys_) from Benin 

For more information on #2MorrowDigitalTrips, please visit:

Read more in part 2 of this article coming out shortly.

(1) COVID-19 Related Travel Restrictions a Global Review for Tourism

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Kriszti is AIESEC Alumni Europe board member as Alumni Theme Programme Social Media Manager. She writes articles on Living Sustainably ATP and in general for SDGs for AAInternational. She is a passionate social justice fighter who aims to reduce inequalities (SDG 10) for the developing world through her business incubator (SDG11) project