International Day of Disaster Reduction

October 13: International Day of Disaster Reduction

Do you dream of a world without disasters?


It is a must for humankind to be prepared at short notice to minimize damages and grave dangers that are thrust upon us by natural and fabricated emergencies. There is one day every October reminding us of our ability to prevent harm by nature, and human provoked catastrophes.


The United Nations declared October 13 the day to enforce this well-needed recognition(1).  Furthermore, in 2016, a framework was launched to mitigate the likelihood of disasters and ensuing losses of happening(2). 


The Sendai Framework named seven priorities to reduce

  1. global disasters
  2. the number of affected people
  3. direct economic loss from catastrophes
  4. damage from disasters to critical infrastructure and the disruption of essential services, among them health and education facilities
  5. the number of countries without national and local disaster risk reduction strategies
  6. the lack of international cooperation in developing countries
  7. the lack of access to multi-hazard early warning systems and disaster risk information and assessments


Take Actions:

  1. Initiate conversations about how interconnected our world is, and the aftereffect that disaster-struck territories can create in your country.
  2. Champion SDG 13 (Climate Action) or SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) by volunteering for
  3. Sponsor and encourage someone close to you such as a cousin, child, niece, or nephew to act upon the Global Goals by volunteering abroad for
  4. Find an AIESEC entity, present all over the world, and reach out with: advice, collaboration or financial support. 


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Kriszti is AIESEC Alumni Europe board member as Alumni Theme Programme Social Media Manager. She writes articles on Living Sustainably ATP and in general for SDGs for AAInternational. She is a passionate social justice fighter who aims to reduce inequalities (SDG 10) for the developing world through her business incubator (SDG11) project