International World Food Day

October 16: World Food Day

How is your relationship with food? Do you have access to clean, healthy, nutritious food?


Alternatively, maybe you know someone with eating disorders; or someone who struggles to provide food for his/her family every day preventing them from doing well at work/school?


There are too many people in this world without even one nutritious meal per day.


How is humankind’s relationship with food consumption? Please take your time to search for more information and consider these selected facts:


  •  “821 million people in the world still suffer from hunger even though the world produces enough food to feed everyone. 60% of them are women(1)”
  •  “45% of infant deaths are related to undernutrition(1)”
  •  “By 2050, agriculture will need to produce almost 50% more food, feed and biofuel than it did in 2012 to meet demand(1)”


What do you think, what can we do to improve this disturbing situation?




You can always:


  1. Initiate conversations about the importance of producing more from less. Alternatively, think about what the key is to stop the excessive waste of food on a global level.
  2. Work towards Zero Hunger (SDG#2) by volunteering at
  3. Sponsor and encourage someone in your world like a cousin, child, niece, or nephew to act upon the Global Goals by volunteering abroad with
  4. Find AIESEC entities—which are all over the world—to collaborate with advice and financial support.



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Kriszti is AIESEC Alumni Europe board member as Alumni Theme Programme Social Media Manager. She writes articles on Living Sustainably ATP and in general for SDGs for AAInternational. She is a passionate social justice fighter who aims to reduce inequalities (SDG 10) for the developing world through her business incubator (SDG11) project