Sustainable christmas gifts

Sustainable Giving During Christmas Time

Christmas is a very special time of the year for a lot of people.

We are more generous and buy our dear ones precious gifts, which will be nicely wrapped and opened within a festive surrounding.

But have you ever thought about where your gifts were produced and under what circumstances? Do you need to buy more and more, gifting the same stuff you have already gifted for the last couple of years?

If you are considering transitioning yourself to a more sustainable lifestyle, you can strongly support SDG 12 by promoting sustainable production and consumption.

Here is a short guideline to easily choose gifts more sustainably and bring value to the life of the gifted person:

  1. Buy Local Products or Sustainable Gifts
  2. Prepare Self-Made Surprises
  3. Time


  1. Buy Local Products or Sustainable Gifts

Before you order or buy something, use this short guideline to find some useful sustainable gifts.

a) Check if the person you want to gift already has contact points with sustainable themes. How can you support them?

b) Check if there are already sustainable alternatives, like local products, upcycling, etc.

c) If you still have no idea, how about gently introducing the person to sustainable initiatives and projects?

Is it not easy? Yes, from locally produced sweets to workshops on how to save the bees and other sustainable projects, there are no limits to your creativity.

This leads us to the second topic on how to create a sustainable gift, just in case you want to produce something on your own.

  1. Self-Made Surprise

d) Check if you can create, cook or bake something!

Some people love to enjoy sweets during the Christmas season.

Why not take some time to bake cakes, crème caramel or create some chocolate cream? Whatever comes to mind, take some time, grab an old family recipe and make someone happy. If you are a creative mastermind, for those dressing for winter, you can also create something special like a scarf, gloves or other useful winter items, or even make board games to play at home.

Self-made gifts are a special way to show that you appreciate someone because you spend some time making the gift yourself.

  1. Time

Do you still have no idea?

e) Check if you can gift some time!

Just in case you are running out of it during the Christmas rush, slow down, take a deep breath and gift some… time! Yes, you may buy a voucher for a nice restaurant you can enjoy with your friends and family or you can create the menu yourself. Go to a comedy show, a workshop or a concert together! Sometimes you do not realize that the year is already over and that you wanted to spend more time with your dear ones. It is a very nice occasion to slow yourself down and show your family and friends that you truly care about them.

We hope that you got some inspiration and ideas for your upcoming Christmas.

Enjoy the season and have a very merry and sustainable Christmas time!


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