• Sustainable Tourism

    How Your Community Can Empower Sustainable Tourism

    SARS-CoV-2 and the resulting global lockdown and the travel restrictions are a massive shock to the tourism industry in every nation. It is estimated that tourism arrivals could fall by 20%-30% compared to 2019. Tourism is among the industries that are hit the hardest by the global pandemic [1]. But what exactly can be done in these tough times? This question was asked among our community members in Africa and Europe because we all are passionate travellers and explorers, who are now confined to one location. Therefore, we started a video project that showcases our whereabouts with our unique perspective, so together we can break out of our daily routine.…

  • Climate Change

    Goal 13: Climate Action – a Stable Climate for a Healthy Planet

    Even before “Fridays for Future” started and moved thousands across the globe to stand up and demand politicians to take action against climate change, researchers proclaimed that the worldwide ecosystem is in great danger. This man-made change will severely influence our daily lives, and it poses a huge threat to human life as we know it. But what exactly are the effects of climate change? According to the researchers, humanity has to face: Rising temperatures (1) More droughts and heat waves (2) Rising sea levels due to melting ice sheets and glaciers (3) Loss of landmass and livelihoods (4) Negative impacts on food and freshwater security (4) Negative impacts on…

  • Corporate Citizenship
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    Is your company a corporate citizen?

    Our world is getting more and more complex and globally we face different challenges which need new ways of thinking and acting. Corporate citizenship describes an approach for companies to be a “good citizen”, if they engage and give back to society and the environment [1]. How is this approach connected to the SDGs? Let’s have a closer look at our society, because especially millennials put a lot of pressure on companies. 81% of the millennials have a high awareness about the SDGs and they expect the private sector to commit to them. [2] But why should businesses care for the SDGs? ‘The Sustainable Development Goals are fundamental cornerstones to…

  • Sustainable City

    How can you improve urban life?

    If you live in urban areas, you may sometimes have the impression that some cities look greener than others. While running from point A to B and C you probably ask yourself where you can find an urban oasis a place to rest and maybe spend some time around nature. Bigger cities often have parks and other recreational sites, but smaller towns lack these green areas or often have less. Therefore, in many cities around the globe people started to create such spaces which also include the possibility to engage within a community. What is urban Gardening? “Urban gardening is the process of growing plants of all types and varieties…

  • Sustainable Tourism

    A Contribution to Sustainable Travelling

    Have you ever been lost in one of these crowded places wondering why there are so many people? Buzzwords like flight shaming, over-tourism, and climate change are well known since 1.4 billion tourism arrivals were counted globally by UNWTO in 2018 (1). The middle class is rising, and it is accompanied by the wish to explore and travel the world (2). No matter how you define travel for yourself, local people already recognize that tourism sometimes also brings negative effects: rise in CO2 emissions, crowded places, rising prices for housing and food, bad air quality where cruise ships are landing, and their pollution of the environment (3). Sustainable Tourism Is…