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    How 3 alumni from West African and Europe are changing the world for better? – sustainable cleaning

    AIESEC Alumni Europe (AAE) and AIESEC Alumni International (AAI) are proud to present you 3 inspiring fellow alumni women whom – even though they had never ever met in real life yet – are deeply connected through AIESEC and their passion for sustainable living. Please read bellow an exciting story of starting a business from zero while working together remotely across 2 continents the last 2 years.   In 2020 August Cordula N’Vekounou and Auria Assogba joined an AIESECpreneur business incubator in Cotonou and created Limpieza Services, an eco-friendly cleaning business from scratch. While the pandemic made the entire world freeze, this one brave decision accelerated their self-fulfilment journey and…

  • How to become a sustainable travel pro

    Sustainable Tourism in Benin – First steps to become a sustainable travel pro –

    The world is looking with fear and anxiety on Eastern Europe. We truly believe that cultural understanding and leadership are necessary to provide a broader perspective and enable us to take responsibility. With our interview we would like to encourage you to travel, understand the locals and see connections instead of barriers. Enjoy reading and share your thoughts with us! 1. Please give us an introduction about 2Morrow Trip and how you would like to change the world! 2Morrow Trip is a tourism agency located in Cotonou in the Benin Republic. We provide sustainable and authentic travel experiences by jumping into Benin’s rich culture. Benin is a Western African country…

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    An easy guide to have a positive impact

    Reaching the Paris Agreement Goals is one of the most important objectives of our time. Still, what can WE do as individuals? We would like to welcome Viola who will tell us more about our personal impact on climate change and which actions we can take. Viola was LCP in Mannheim (2013/2014) and is now the proud COO & Co-Founder of worldwatchers. worldwatchers is an innovative Climate Tech Start-Up which enables companies, organizations, and individuals to measure, optimize and manage their own emissions. What is a personal CO2 Footprint? In general, a CO2 footprint is the sum of all greenhouse gases emitted by direct (directly created by an individual) or…

  • Read the World

    How to create beautiful treasures with upcycling!

    Let us introduce you to our first Alumni Expert from Austria who is an expert for “upcycling” and an ambassador for SDG 12 “Sustainable Consumption and Production”. Dear Bernadette, we are very pleased to welcome you as one of our sustainability experts. Let’s start with our interview. What is Bernandl about? Under the label “Bernanderl” I devote myself to upcycling on a very high quality level. Turning old, dusty books into unique bags is my specialty. My goal is to make old things shine again and give them a second chance by adding a totally different function to the original materials. Besides creating very special bags out of books. I…

  • Alumni Talks, Sustainable Travel

    Travel: The Sustainable Way!

    Travelling – something we truly miss because it brings us a deeper understanding of the world around us and helps us to break down barriers by learning about different cultures. Thanks to our four speakers we had the chance to learn about travelling sustainably in February’s Alumni Talks. They took us on a virtual trip across the world and showed us a more conscious way to explore the globe. Our first speaker was Ada from Poland. Her passion: To dive head-over into different carnival traditions across Europe. This is how she gains access to different cultures. In her talk “Traveling to dive into cultures instead for Insta fame” she leads…

  • Sustainable christmas gifts

    Sustainable Giving During Christmas Time

    Christmas is a very special time of the year for a lot of people. We are more generous and buy our dear ones precious gifts, which will be nicely wrapped and opened within a festive surrounding. But have you ever thought about where your gifts were produced and under what circumstances? Do you need to buy more and more, gifting the same stuff you have already gifted for the last couple of years? If you are considering transitioning yourself to a more sustainable lifestyle, you can strongly support SDG 12 by promoting sustainable production and consumption. Here is a short guideline to easily choose gifts more sustainably and bring value…

  • Zero Waste

    How zero-waste stores minimize your amount of waste

    This month I would like to showcase how zero-waste shops can help you to reduce your amount of waste and work towards a more sustainable lifestyle. You might have already heard about the concept of zero waste, but let’s have a small recap of its definition: “Zero Waste is the conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse and recovery of products, packaging and materials without burning, and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health ” [1]. Another important topic is circular economy which is closely related to this matter and aims to produce, consume, reuse and recycle products…

  • International World Food Day

    October 16: World Food Day

    How is your relationship with food? Do you have access to clean, healthy, nutritious food?   Alternatively, maybe you know someone with eating disorders; or someone who struggles to provide food for his/her family every day preventing them from doing well at work/school?   There are too many people in this world without even one nutritious meal per day.   How is humankind’s relationship with food consumption? Please take your time to search for more information and consider these selected facts:    “821 million people in the world still suffer from hunger even though the world produces enough food to feed everyone. 60% of them are women(1)”  “45% of infant…

  • International Day of Rural women

    October 15: International Day of Rural Women

    “According to some estimates, closing the gender gap in access to land and other productive assets could increase agricultural outputs by up to 20% in Africa(1).”    What do you know about the Third World? Have you ever seen any predicaments that communities in developing countries are in face-to-face?   Poverty is a human being concocted illness of this planet. Our changing climate exacerbates it with the shrinking of available resources for rural areas to thrive—less water and agricultural lands are accessible globe-wide.    It is outright resoundingly unfair that these adverse developments are affecting the most undeveloped countries disproportionally.    On top of that, gender inequality is tangibly holding…

  • Sustainable Tourism

    How Your Community Can Empower Sustainable Tourism

    SARS-CoV-2 and the resulting global lockdown and the travel restrictions are a massive shock to the tourism industry in every nation. It is estimated that tourism arrivals could fall by 20%-30% compared to 2019. Tourism is among the industries that are hit the hardest by the global pandemic [1]. But what exactly can be done in these tough times? This question was asked among our community members in Africa and Europe because we all are passionate travellers and explorers, who are now confined to one location. Therefore, we started a video project that showcases our whereabouts with our unique perspective, so together we can break out of our daily routine.…