Climate Action Talks

Project name: Climate action talks

Targeted: SDG 13 “Climate Action”

Description: Climate action talks have the power to raise awareness about a global challenge and to connect like-minded individuals across Europe and the world. We can shape the future together and share ideas and projects on a global scale.

Project background: From heat periods to draughts climate change can be directly observed. It’s not only threatening wildlife, but also the conservation of nature. Rising sea levels and the heating of the oceans will cost many livelihoods especially for the inhabitants of island states. But climate change leads also to a decrease in annual harvest which result in a shortage of food supply. We are threatened by climate change on a global scale, which is why we should find solutions together.


What you need is someone who can do the coordination of the talks and wants and wants to make this project happen. Don’t worry, a list with possible speakers also focussing on other different topics is ready for you upon request.

You can find previous projects & inspirations on YouTube Channel!

For further questions and support and a list of interesting speakers:

Stephi Kusemann: