Conscious Carbon Footprint- Built Knowledge And Capacity To Meet Climate Change

Targeted: SDG 13 “Climate Action”

Description: The climate across the globe is changing and we need to act right now. There are a few areas like transportation, diet and of course your lifestyle. You can run the project either on an individual level or as NAA group project.

Project background: From heat periods to draughts climate change can be directly observed. It’s not only threatening wildlife, but also the conservation of nature. Rising sea levels and the heating of the oceans will cost many livelihood especially for the inhabitants of island states. But climate change leads also to a decrease in annual harvest which result in a shortage of food supply. Help us to keep the increasing global temperature rise below 2°C.


a) Individual project

b) Group project or individual project: Sustainable travel/transportation to conferences

Alternative transportation can be:

  • Train
  • Car-pooling which is also more fun or create a car-pooling app for the AAE community 🙂
  • offset your flight, if no other option is available

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