• Consumption

    How 3 alumni from West African and Europe are changing the world for better? – sustainable cleaning

    AIESEC Alumni Europe (AAE) and AIESEC Alumni International (AAI) are proud to present you 3 inspiring fellow alumni women whom – even though they had never ever met in real life yet – are deeply connected through AIESEC and their passion for sustainable living. Please read bellow an exciting story of starting a business from zero while working together remotely across 2 continents the last 2 years.   In 2020 August Cordula N’Vekounou and Auria Assogba joined an AIESECpreneur business incubator in Cotonou and created Limpieza Services, an eco-friendly cleaning business from scratch. While the pandemic made the entire world freeze, this one brave decision accelerated their self-fulfilment journey and…

  • International Day of Rural women

    October 15: International Day of Rural Women

    “According to some estimates, closing the gender gap in access to land and other productive assets could increase agricultural outputs by up to 20% in Africa(1).”    What do you know about the Third World? Have you ever seen any predicaments that communities in developing countries are in face-to-face?   Poverty is a human being concocted illness of this planet. Our changing climate exacerbates it with the shrinking of available resources for rural areas to thrive—less water and agricultural lands are accessible globe-wide.    It is outright resoundingly unfair that these adverse developments are affecting the most undeveloped countries disproportionally.    On top of that, gender inequality is tangibly holding…